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Chemical Engineering Department

The Chemical Engineering Department (ChEngD), with SosteniPrA (2009 SGR 1505) and GICOM (2009 SGR 95) research groups,  is part of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), which is geographically located in one of Catalonia’s most important focal points of technological development and has been awarded as one of the five Campus of International Excellence in Spain by the Spanish Ministry on December 2009. SosteniPrA also part of the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA)

Dr  Xavier Gabarrell Durany, former director of the ICTA (2003-2006),is an expert in  LCA, industrial ecology , and waste management. With 20 years of research and teaching experience, he has much experience in coordinating research teams. Gabarrell coordinates the Joint Master Programme Environmental Studies that started 2007-2008. This programme was approved by The Erasmus Mundus Unit in the Executive Agency (05/10/2006) (Erasmus Mundus Action 1, N 130109-DE) that includes also the matters in: LCA, Exergy Analysis, Industrial Ecology…in which the research of the group take part. Furthermore he participates in the PROSUIT research project, an EU collaborative project (FP7-env-2008-1, proposal 227078), for the sustainability assessment of emerging technologies. PROSUITE will develop and apply a coherent, life-cycle oriented environmental, economic and social impact methodology, and a corresponding set of operational open-source software tools for the sustainability assessment of future full scale implementation of technologies. Gara Villalba is the researcher responsible for this project.


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